Monday, March 18, 2013

Hime-chan No Ribbon, by Megumi Mizusawa

Hime-Chan No Ribbon, 6 di 6: Un fiocco per sognare, un fiocco per cambiareHime-Chan No Ribbon, 6 di 6: Un fiocco per sognare, un fiocco per cambiare by Megumi Mizusawa
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I had watched a bit of the anime when I was younger but I didn't know what to expect from the manga.
I thought it would be a quite trivial story, where we would see the same pattern for each episode, but I was very happy to have something completely different in front of me.
I simply loved the story and the characters and, although the starting point is nothing extraordinary (a young girl that doesn't like herself too much) the development of her and everything around her is depicted in an incredible way.
Everything in this manga is simply "kawai" and I like that Hime-chan and Erika are two protagonists full of imperfections and they will work on them.
Hime-chan is a great character. She knows her limits and grows with the story, maturing and changing. Despite this, she is always incredibly full of energy and she overcomes obstacles showing both how weak and how strong she is at the same time. When reading the manga, I just wish to be more like her (despite the fact that I am definitely not 12 anymore...).
She will also realize what does it mean having feelings for somebody and how to cultivate those properly.
A lot of side stories are also added to the beautiful edition that I have been having the opportunity to read and they are a great completive material to the main story.

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