Friday, March 22, 2013

Hime-Chan no Ribbon Colourful, by Shiho Komiyuno

Hime-Chan No Ribbon Colourful vol.4Hime-Chan No Ribbon Colourful vol.4 by Shiho Komiyuno
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Making a remake of an incredible popular comic is surely a mission impossible. I really wonder where the idea for doing this, in this case, came from.
Not that this manga per se' is horrible, but making a comparison with the original is just natural.
Unfortunately, this remake lacks much of the charm that made Hime-Chan No Ribbon almost a masterpiece.
The story is set in "modern times" and the plot has slightly changed, but also the characters, although the main points are the same between the two stories.
The drawings are very modern and they are not too bad, but the characters result to be a bit too similar too each other. It is clear from how everything is placed in the pages that the story has a quite high tempo, thing that I didn't perceive in the original.
I must confess though that despite this I didn't mind reading the manga, but I didn't find it anyting special. If I try to disconnect from the comparison, I think the story is also quite entertaining, but I still think it lacks some verve that would make it at least a very pleasant one.
If you are much devoted to Hime-Chan no Ribbon it is possibly best to avoid reading this remake.

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