Saturday, February 23, 2013

David Copperfield, by Charles Dickens

Dicken's David CopperfieldDicken's David Copperfield by J.M. Lybyer
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I unfortunately read the book in Italian, so I have probably missed a lot of shades from the original masterpiece, but despite this I read the book and I was happy that my expectations in front of a gloomy story were not respected.
The level of details of the storytelling gave me the opportunity to imagine how things were in England, back then, and what kind of life one might have had, since also different people from different social classes are in the story.
David reaches maturity through many events in his life and, although happiness varies depending on his age, he finally comes to what he considers the ultimate joy of life.
It is interesting to see, though, how the ones that have evil intentions will be unmercifully end, giving the sensation that the main message that the author wants to promote is that if one works hard, is honest and tries his best to do good, will be rewarded. And that is very much applicable also today.

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