Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter decorations

Since I lived in Sweden, I have noticed how different is the concept of "decorations" respect to Italy.
We have only Christmas. That's basically it. But Sweden brings whatever festivity and occasion to be an opportunity for decorating your home.
And I know why: the weather sucks so much that one has to have a very very cosy home for surviving!
Hence, decorations are brought into another level by our Nordic friends!

Having the duty (but not the time) to fill up the house with few items, so that it doesn't necessarily feels like a trench, I have decided to embrace the so called "Påskpynt" activity, although I didn't have the energy to produce anything by myself.
I surfed few websites, got some ideas and especially, scanned Tradera and won a few auctions (and got few items from friends and from Isabella).

The result? Here it is!

Two chicken arrived today
And they were anticipated by two fat hens
Our Easter hunt starts from the doors
Also an egg ad found its way on the handle
A rabbit family is hiding from Pico and Romeo
Look who is hiding there! A small chicks nest!
My first Påskris
I decided to mix a bit traditions, starting from the concept of "Easter hunt" which I think is mainly an american concept. What I did was, instead of hiding eggs, to put small decorations in very odd places.
From the Nordic side I took instead the Påskris. This is something done for welcoming spring (not this year, clearly). Branches, typically from birch, are put together and decorated with feathers and, also, with eggs. This is the answer to the Christmas tree!
I am lucky that I could cut whatever plant I wanted in my garden (but not birch, of course), so I put together a nice "bouquet", then I decorated with feathers and put small wooden and handpainted eggs (at least, most of them) hanging from the tree.
Tradition wants that at home, one would put the branches in water, so that they would bloom for creating the "green" that there is not all year round.
My main problem is that I have to hide the Påskris, because the cats wants to play with it and that would be a broken vase and a big mess everywhere...

Our kitchen table, tablecloth, eggs, chick and flowers decorations bought on Tradera, hen from TGR, candles from Lagerhaus, vase and narcissus from Plantagen
I decided to put few items on our kitchen table to make it more colorful. Possibly, some stuff from the 70s (wild guess) are a bit a "fist in the eye" (as we would say in Italy), but I thought the general view was acceptable.
One of the nicest decorations are the narcissus flowers. In Swedish they are called Påskliljor (although there is also a variation for Pentecost, Pingstliljor, Pinkster Lily) since they bloom around Easter time. There are several variations, of course, and I bought few different tipes.

Narcissus Salome
Two little chicks hiding...
Hand embroidered table cloth from Tradera, pink egg from Åhlens, small egg and chick from Isabella,  candles from Lagerhaus, candle holder from Ystad Metall, "Lilja" from Mattias' mother
Differently than in Italy, in Sweden there are no enormous chocolate eggs with a surprise. The eggs that the kids have to track down are made of cardboard and are usually filled with candies or small chocolate. I must say though that, although the surprise is usually questionable, the Italian eggs are much more striking.

Hand embroidered table cloth, eggs and chicks basket from  Tradera/flea market, vase and narcissus are a present.
And for making all of this completed, at least for this year, there are few things missing, but they will appear tomorrow!

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  1. Complimenti per le decorazioni! noi effettivamente non abbiamo questa tradizione, in genere non si va oltre qualche pecorella di zucchero, l'uovo e la colomba. Mi piace molto l'idea del benvenuto alla primavera e "l'albero" con piume e uova è davvero carino!
    L'anno prossimo mi attrezzerò:)

  2. Giallo Zafferano si e' equipaggiato con "l'albero di Pasqua". Guarda qua:

  3. Ma carino!non mi dispiace per niente questa tradizione...


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