Sunday, January 29, 2012

A scrapbooking beginning

It is years (around 4 and half...) that we are supposed to create a scrapbook for our honeymoon in Japan. We shouldn't really be surprised this hasn't happened yet, anyway, considering that I *should* have some time over in this period, I think it is reasonable to start to perform this item of the to do list.

The first step for scrapbooking is understanding what tools need to be bought, and realize it is not going to be exactly cheap.
The main shop for all sort of hobbies here in Sweden is Panduro, which is very tempting with very nice catalogues and ideas. Anyway, I am ready with an order to be executed via the website (just need to fix my account again) and yesterday we sacked the Outlet that there is in Malmö. It is hard to find the items one needs, but there can be very nice prices on items from previous "collections" as well as some strange items.
For me that I am a beginner it is an exellent possibility to buy some tools without spending too much money.

And in the meanwhile that I was searching for what I need to buy to start this project, I realized it would be nice to create some other scrapbook apart from this. So, we bought some little item for these future projects!

Here there is the result of our hunt:


Some wrapping paper (not exactly for scrapbooking)
The paper
A scrapbook set with 250 pieces

Some stickers, rub-ons, brads and charms

What is left is just to buy some other "essentials" and then...start! 

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  1. Complimenti per gli acquisti!Io non mi sono mai cimentata anche se mi piace vedere il risultato di tutti questi materiali insieme: a natale ho comprato un pò di roba (tipo taglierina, puncher) in uno di questi negozi ma non per lo scrap. Sono curiosa di vedere che combinerai..:)))

  2. Speriamo non ci vogliano altri 4 anni per finirlo... :-)


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