Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012: "tin Jubilee"

It is not exactly a tin year since we haven't been married for 10 years (tin is the "material" of the 10 years wedding anniversary), it is not exactly a jubilee as it is used in UK, since we haven't yet reached 25 years.
However, 2012 is an year full of small and big celebrations (in August, we will be married for five years, which will make it a silk anniversary) and it is ten years ago that I first put my foot in Sweden and met Mattias.
I was very excited to be abroad and for the first time, living on my own, and I was counting on being back in Italy, so, although my parents were sad, it was going to be for a short time.
It didn't turn out exactly like that, though...

It was more and less this period of the year, when I first met Mattias in the student dorm where we were living.
One rose per year!
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