Saturday, January 14, 2012

Todo List Queen

Both in the private and professional life, I am a todo list obsessed. I have always gone around surrounded by pieces of paper highlighted with different colors, with a lot of text and marks on them.
This in order to keep in mind everything that needs to be done (which is always a lot, and always increasing) and in order to prioritize, postpone (this is of course my speciality) and have some order in my head, which otherwise gets too cluttered.
For some strange reason, this year, I haven't got a little agenda to use: even though I haven't ever used an agenda with the primary goal of sorting out my to do lists, I decided to end the usage of paper for the todo list and switch to an electronic software.

Mattias started to use Wunderlist last year. I will overfly over the success of this operation.
Being the software a multiplatform and since it is possible to use it from different computers, I thought it was a good solution for me and so far, it seems to substitute my paper todo lists in a quite decent way, although I miss the colors and some other features that paper flexibility guarantee.
The good thing is that lists can be shared with other people, which is not exactly always possible with my notes, since noone understands my handwriting.

I am using it right now just for home business, but when I will go back to work from my maternity leave, I think I will give it a try also for the professional side of the story.
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