Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Aid for remote computer-unfriendly people

Have you ever had to help some friend/relative/unknown person that started to bug you via phone about getting help to fix something on their computer?
Has it ever happened that you started to get impatient at the phone, trying to understand a very illiterate way of expressing?
Have you ever lost completely the patience wasting your time when trying to solve a problem described at the phone, and you were already stressed and busy enough as it was?

To me this happens quite often :-) And yes, of course, I have already a tendency of have a short-term patience and therefore, after two seconds during which I get to hear the most absurd things concerning what people are observing at their screen, I start to yell!

One of the last times I was trying to help somebody, I got to know the existance of a very nice, clever, free, smooth remote-controller software.
Of course, the person you are going to help need to have some basic knowledge so that he/she can actually install the software. Or at least, you need to carry on having some extra spare patience for assisting them in this last phone-driven operation.
Teamviewer has saved me (and the people around me)!!! I very much recommend it for the simplicity and its lightness, if you haven't used any remote control software or if you have used some other one.
Now, every time I have to help somebody, I make sure they have Teamviewer installed and then I play around with their computers, showing what I am doing, and making our lives simple (and me less irritated - a good thing for humanity!)

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