Monday, September 13, 2010

Some experiment with filo dough

Still taking inspiration from my fav recipe website, Giallo Zafferano, to pick up another recipe this time involving tuna (canned tuna) and some filo dough. I have tried to use it one time before, but I thought it was something else, so this was a real try since the recipe wanted it.
Anyway, the recipe is quite easy, not that complicated and it doesn't take that much time. Unfortunately, I got stuck when it was time to remove the beans from the pastries and that turned out to be a disaster.
The beans got stuck and I had to use brutal force: in the pastries that were a bit lighter that turned out to be not the optimal idea since they broke into pieces, the others survived, but I was extremely irritated and a lot of dough fell off.

It seems though that our guests like them anyway and as a matter of fact the tuna mousse and the contrast with the dryness of the pastry was quite interesting, indeed!


  1. Suggestion: put some oven paper between the dough and the beans! The beans won´t get stuck in the dough and they will absorb the humidity ;)


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