Thursday, September 23, 2010

A break in the chaos

Despite being extremely hectic days (and hours) it is good to take a break and think about something else.
For example, it is good for me to stop thinking about all the emails in my inbox and write this entry in the blog, or finally do some shopping that it is really needed.

The cold season has already started here and I have never had anything that would be good for this middle season. I have gone from some spring jacket that would let me freeze during the coldest evenings, to winter coats and jackets that instead should keep me warm during the coldest days and months of the year.

So, I decided it was time to do an investment and I actually have done one that will hopefully last long in time. It was something a bit more expensive than I thought, but I think the quality is great and had a great advantage to have the material treated in such a way that water should not be absorbed at all. Perfect for this season!
A bit vintage look, classic cut... finally I am keeping myself warm when bycicling in this weather!

And Mattias approved it fully ;-)

At the end, it seems it is possible to find something nice also in Sweden... if one searches well!

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