Friday, September 3, 2010

Autumn is on its way

Although we are still technically into summer, the temperature has dropped quite much and for most of the Swedes there is no doubt that we are already in "autumn" and not in "summer" anymore.
For me it will take still a bit to absorb the seasonal transition, but it is because I am stubbornly convinced that this is not that different than many summers experienced here in Sweden.
Hence, why not call it summer since there are still about 20 days until the autumn is astronomically in place?

We are, despite all of this thoughts, preparing for the autumn to come and we were around searching for some blankets and throws when we had a really nice encounter with a couple of warm, cosy, original wool blanket and throw, one of which was also made of ecological wool.

Both of them come from Klippan YlleFabrik, which seems to not be that far from Lund.
The one on top is a wool throw called Polka.
The bottom one is instead the wool blanket and it is called Nymphaea. The nice thing is that it is double sided, since the back of it is white with black flowers, instead.

From the website it seems that there is a nice shop that one could explore and I am tempted to prepare a small trip there to cover some Christmas' wishes.

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