Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Grill Du Beau Sejour Restaurant, Etroubles

This is the first time we ended up eating a Beau Sejour, although I have been eating in Etroubles for almost 35 years. It was definitely not a remarkable experience, but it was quite obvious from the welcoming sign that everything was done for attracting tourists and not italians.
We took two of the available menu (the one of 28€ and the one of 30€) while one of our child ate a pizza. However, I should have raised my attention since there were no other pizza in the menu and the waiter didn't think it was possible to change the size of the pizza: the pizza was infact a frozen one, decent, but I would not charge 8,5€ for that!
Although we were 4 at the table, we got a small bottle of water, which of course forced us to order a second one (and hence it became a quite expensive water).
The food we ate was reasonably ok. In the 28€ menu it was included a small antipasto with a selection of cold cut, a slice of cheese and some chestnuts. Good, but a bit "slim" in size. The waiter didn't even introduce what was on the plate, though.
The primo was a plate of tagliatelle with wildboar and pumpkin ragu', which was tasty, but had a strong background taste of stock, same one that also the classical carbonada had. The pannacotta was quite ok, but the sauce was possibly coming from a plastic bottle.
The 30€ menu included fried brie (as a memory of a friend camembert, possibly), some ravioli served with butter and sage and finally a steak with bearneise sauce and some french fries. The dessert was a mini strudel. 
The best in our opinion was the meat, although it is a bit strange to see such a sauce served in an italian restaurant! 
In general, the food was ok, but didn't make us impressed, especially because it seems a lot of shortcuts have been taken in the food preparation. The service could have been a bit more accurated: one of the waiter seemed to be also very stressed, however they were very patient with our noisy kids.
Possibly, it would be best if they try to provide a more genuine kitchen and bother less about attracting a mass of tourists, especially considering the prices.
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