Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Restaurant Col Serena, Etroubles

We have visited this restaurant not that long ago, and the food and the service had been quite good already then.
The difference in this occasion was the presence of our kids, who however were not in top shape for eating all the very nice food that was served during dinner time.
The menu was divided in day specialties as well as the a la carte, but the chef was also sometimes suggesting some extra dish that was not written anywhere.
A nice minestrone and a very good polenta concia were our primi, while a wonderful rolled rabbit dish was accompanied with a great filet. The chef was also kind enough to cook it a little bit more, although ideally it should have been served as he proposed. 
The meat was tender and tasted wonderfully in both dishes. The polenta was tasty and the minestrone was genuinely good.
Considering the chef's kindness and availability and the food quality, we didn't pay too much for our dinner.
The portions were generous and I regret we didn't pay another visit to this restaurant at this time.
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