Friday, January 18, 2013

Winter Sales, part 2

After few days of sickness and a tour trip to the Vicolungo Outlets, I resigned (while Mattias instead kept shopping) and decided to go for the traditional shopping "downtown Gallarate".
It required, as always, a serie of intense meditations but eventually I got convinced and did "some" purchase. I must confess though that before doing the big step, I was hoping that some friend of mine (namely Chiara) would rescue me, but the sicknesses kept us apart.

I love socks. Especially tights of all colours, patterns, etc.
/0s colours
Unfortunately, there was no sale on the tights I liked at Calzedonia, but I decided I absolutely needed them all and bought them (I could have taken more...).

What to put over the tights, though? I mostly wear jeans...!

I went to Tezenis and after some decent exploration (Mattias and Isabella were bored beyond salvation) I got some item at a great price (wonder how many times I will be able to wash them...).
It looks better when on!

60 style for this dress

Finally, I decided it was time to look at Benetton, although I could have been going to whatever shop. My main problem is that since I never enter a shop I have no idea what I want or not, so we did have to spend, again, few precious minutes making me think, and think, and think....
A lot of t-shirts!

A sweater
Another one
Of course, after getting into the mood it was hard to stop...luckily, it was time to go back to Sweden :-)

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