Monday, January 7, 2013

Winter Sales in Italy, part 1

I like shopping, but I am not a fanatic.
In reality, I am off "all markets" since I seldom do clothes/shoes/similar shopping, mainly because I lack time to focus on such and I do other things with my time (...). I also feel very restrained by the place where I work/live which is a bit different than what I have been growing up with.
Not that when I was a teenager I was actually following any fashion, on the other hand I was probably dressed very odd (and maybe that is an understatement), but generally, I could state that in Italy we spend more time (and money) on our personal appearance, while in Sweden there is more a care for how the home looks.
In fact, just the other day, I was noticing how many clothes shops there are in Gallarate and I was thinking that in Lund there are definitely more interior designs shops. But maybe it is just what I am looking at while in Sweden ;-)

We have had the luxury this year to remain a bit longer in Italy, long enough to finally get into some winter sales.
That's great for me since the "winter" time is slightly longer in Sweden and I feel I wish to have more of winter but also spring and autumn clothes. Sales in Italy is almost like Christmas time.
People are just awaiting for the best purchases while the shop owners are maybe digging out some old stuff to put on sale.
I always feel torn to buy or not to buy because I realize that my wardrobe doesn't make too much sense and that, afterall, I end up going to work in a place where most of the people wear a t-shirt and a pair of jeans (and it is not like I go out so much to justify any special purchase).

Despite my constant doubts, today, we started to do some serious shopping. And the first place we bought stuff has been the Replay Outlet.
Last purchase happened just three summers ago (...), so I decided to go skinny for once...
Blondy skinny model, by Replay

Radula skinny model, by Replay

On top of this, or maybe it is better to say under them, a nice pair of ankle boots will work greatly.
For example, these ones!
Edythe ankle boots, by Replay
Let's see if there will be more chances to update our winter collection!

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