Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter in Stockholm

I am not a big Stockholm lover. I have been there few times but I have never got a great impression of the city.
After our "road trip", we took the plane and flew up north since I had to renew my passport and the only place where I can do it, these days, is the Italian Embassy in Stockholm.

The tram we took to reach Djurgården
Once arrived at the train station, we walked a bit reaching Sergels Torg and we took the tram directly to the Embassy.

The Italian Embassy
Despite the appearance of the majestic Embassy building, the passport renewal occurs in the green building, which is in a not so fancy state.
The Embassy is located in Djurgården, which impressed me for its beauty.
The sun was already down and it was just one o'clock
That part of Stockholm is special with old buildings, museum and a very peaceful atmosphere. The sun was very low at the horizon and it was shining very nicely through the ice and the frozen tree branches. A perfect winter landscape!
Walking in Djurgården
After the administrative business was done, we decided to talk a walk from the Embassy to the train station: it was just about Isabella's afternoon nap time and we took a chance, hoping she fell asleep despite the cold.

The biological museum
It actually worked!
While she was sleeping, we enjoyed the beautiful landscape and wondered what the different buildings were.
Problem was that until she was sleeping we couldn't eat lunch, so that got postponed few hours respect to our usual time.

An entrance to Skansen

We always try to do plenty of things despite having Isabella and this trip was certainly not easy for us and her (especially after the car trip through Europe), however, we focus on prioritizing her main needs (namely, food and sleep) planning as much as possible and hoping for the best (especially for her sleep).

Mist over the channel
Despite the tiredness and the stress of such a day, we actually enjoyed walking around in Stockholm and the trip turned out surprisingly positive (also considering that we are usually surrounded by some unluck curse).

Bye bye Djurgården!

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