Thursday, January 24, 2013

Antica Vineria Italiana, in Lund

The other day I decided to explore a new place (or at least, I haven't seen it there for the first time, too long ago) in central Lund.
It was a lunch occasion, so I can't surely say how it'd be the dinner, but if at least they could spell the names right, the menu would be more inviting (although, I am possibly being quite cruel now: if you look at the menu in italian the names are correct!?).

For Antica Vineria Italiana the lunch menu is nothing revolutionary and possibly follows most lunch restaurants in Lund. However, there are three pasta options, except the daily, and a soup.
Of course, the option fell over the pasta. What would you otherwise eat for lunch in an Italian place?

When asking though what exactly the three pasta and it was a very hard question.
"What does pasta alla pizzaiola have?"
"It is vegetarian".
"Yes, but what there is inside?"
"Well, vegetables".

Anyway, the choice ended up to be Pasta alla castellana, which fundamentally is a pasta with ragu' and peas.
The plate was inviting, topped with some grana. However, the grana was not of the best quality/taste. And surely, the pasta was boiled in unsalted water, because I had to add a fist of salt to balance it!
In general, it was ok, but no bread was served with it and it was a disappointment for a place that is trying to sell itself as more genuinely Italian.

As summary, the impression was quite average and I don't think I will visit the place for another lunch. However, it might be that the dinners are spectacular, but the lunch was not inviting at all and I am not sure I'd prioritize to go there for a dinner meal!

But if you have a different experience, please, share it with me :-)
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