Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Copenaghen weekend

No, we haven't been again in Copenaghen!
I hadn't simply found the time to write about our wedding anniversary weekend from a little bit more touristic perspective. It was not just about Copenaghen Cooking :)
That was also an excuse to actually see some parts of the city that we didn't even know they existed (well, some of them at least).

Scientology found's office in Copenaghen
 One of the things that I spotted quite quickly was that there is "a lot" of Scientology around. Or at least, a couple of visible places concerning it. Which is quite interesting: why in Copenaghen?

On saturday, we were mainly walking in the central part of Copenaghen. We didn't see anything specific except our target places for Copenaghen Cooking.
We ate lunch at Hereford Beefstouw, with the hope that Isabella would eat some meat, but in she was too tired for that. We enjoyed a very nice meal, instead (well, food wise), while she was trying to trash the place.

On our way back to the hotel, I could observe something that in Italy they could just dream about it: a fancy bike parking!
It is true, nordic cities are more "biking oriented" and Copenaghen is well known for this very nice feature. And it is interesting to think that although the climate is worse, bikes are used in all sort of weather conditions up here in the north!
It is not easy to "rebuild" old towns to include bikes path everywhere, but Copenaghen was not just built yesterday so how did they manage to make it so much more bike friendly?
Walking in the fog

What was it???
 At a certain point we saw a small crowd and a lot of white fog. We didn't really understand what was happening and we weren't the only ones that were puzzled.
It became so foggy that it was impossible to proceed and we had to wait that the fog disappear.
In reality there were some people dressed almost like Ghosbusters shooting this fog out of some device.
We found out by reading a sign that this was not a manifestation but an exhibition and that was some artistic representation. A bit hard to grasp maybe...?

After an average meal at Ristorante l'Appetito, we made Isabella fall asleep and eventually we rest our poor feet!

On Sunday, we were waiting for the next "event" to take place. We decided then to take a walk in the morning and we ended up exploring a part of Copenaghen that we had heard a lot about, but never went to. Christiania. I have heard people depicting it as "nice, characteristic, interesting, ...". A part that I don't want to know why they went there on the first place, but it looked like a decadent trashed rotten piece of land, where homeless people were around. Nothing fancy with it, on the other hand it gave me the shivers!
And, funny though that they are so liberal, but casually you can't take pictures and there were big signs saying: if you see the police, don't panic! :-)

After such an experience, we walked back to the center and saw some nice street that didn't look like belonging to the centre of a capital. Still Copenaghen can surprise us!

Are we in Lund?
After a very improvised lunch (for Isabella...), we walked a long way to reach the location of Nordic Taste.
It was located at Carlsberg Bryggeri, which offers also tours for the ones that are interested.
Around that part of the town, one could see some old interesting houses, that seemed very "London, industrial revolution style" and just some old buildings around the Bryggeri were very peculiar.
Approaching Carlsberg

The legendary Elephant port
It is highly possible that the place deserves a proper visit, but surely we didn't have the time to deal also with that during this short trip. Unfortunately, that was the last place we visited during this occasion, and on the way back from Carlsberg to the station, we simply stopped at a vietnamese restaurant to eat something (it was a very odd time to have lunch, though) for then rushing home and rest!!! :)
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