Sunday, September 2, 2012

Copenhagen Cooking

For our last wedding anniversary, we managed to escape from our duties and allow us, for once, a little vacation that didn't include meeting any relative: we went to Copenhagen, which is one of our most common travel destinations.
 Since we are boring, not only we chose a city where we have been quite many times, but we connected it with one of our passions: food.
 During that weekend, and in this period, small events are taking place in different parts of the town, with the red thread being food. The main event was Copenhagen Cooking.

Unfortunately, participating in some events was not ideal for us; apart the quite relevant cost, we had also our favorite ballast with us, Isabella. Hence, we could not go and enjoy watching "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" and our dinner experience was nothing too exotic.
 Despite everything, we managed to go assist the Knorr Cook Along, in Torvehallerne and participate in the Nordic taste event at Carlsberg Bryggeri.

Mattias checking food at Torvehallerne
The cooking along was not exactly cathing our attention. Once at Torvehallerne, we were hypnotized by the place itself and we went around scanning every little shop and searching what we want to eat.
We basically spent the whole afternoon eating. Salty food, sweet and pastry, smoothies. We tried a bit of everything even though we didn't try everything really :)

But that was the most fascinating food market I have ever seen! I was just drooling envying the people working in the sorrounding that have the possibility to choose something of that amazing buffet of tastes for lunch. We were so enthusiastic that we were almost deciding to move to Copenhagen ;-)
The amazing vegetable market
Some fish boutique
Our first purchase: a "fish tapas plate". Some things were very tasty, others so so!
An amazing raspberry pie, from the French chain Brioche Doree

A strawberry cupcake on the left and a passionfruit cupcake on the right, from Agnes cupcakes

A surprise in the cupcake... :)
Reaching the Nordic Taste event was not easy. Or better, it was quite ok, but it required about 30-40 minutes of walk. And being the whole Copenhagen Cooking undercommercialized, finding the way was like opening a mistery box.
Eventually, we landed in place and when looking around we saw that we were not alone....

The place was literally full with people and stands. Around 27 stands were offering mini portions of food and we had the opportunity to taste from 10 of them and decide which one was the best (for us, of course, although our opinion is always what everyone else should think ;D).
The food was both danish and swedish (or better, from Skåne), with small and big names presenting dishes. An interesting fact was that there was a big tent with smaller stands not competing presenting all sort of food, fruit, vegetable and more from Skåne. The Danes are crazy about those things :) And we too, and hence we are very glad to live in the right part of Sweden ;-)
Unfortunately, it was quite stressful for us being there, since Isabella was very restless in the stroller and it was not funny to walk with her in the crowd and we forgot to take some pictures of what we were eating :-(
However, among what we tasted there were three or four small dishes that caught our palate and, a bit for supporting Skåne, a lot because it was very good, we gave our fork/vote to Brösarps Gästgifveri.
Still, I haven't found who won that day...but it must have been what we have voted, of course!!!

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