Saturday, October 6, 2012

What to do when you have too many apple trees

Autumn has arrived and for our fores... garden, it meant that our apple trees started to be filled with apples. This has of course its advantages, since we don't have to buy apples anymore (and not even grapes, for that matter...), however, it also means that we have just a couple of kilos of apples that we surely don't manage to eat.

The first harvest was concerning just the two plants of "autumn apples". The production reached 20 kilos of apples. What to do with them? And what to do with all the apples that we have still to collect since they are yet to be ripe?

The answer is: bring them to a "musteri". I can't find a proper word to translate this (maybe someone can help me out?) but a musteri is a place where magically apples are transformed into apple juice, or cider or other fancy apple-derived-drinks.

The one that is closest to us is Sövde Musteri, where closest is of course a relative word, but let's say, it is close enough.
Sövde Musteri
What one does is driving the apples to the place, drop them in a big container, get a ticket with written how many kilos of apples you have delivered and then go to the shop.
Äpple must
Then, you are entitled to buy among three tipes of products (apple juice, apple "glögg" and something else, I do not remember) a certain number of bottles at a certain price.
More apple juice

This is a great business model: we are the ones picking up kilos of apples, packing them, bringing them there and dumping them there. Then they make juice out of it and we get the possibility to buy the drinks at a reduced price. How convenient!The truth is that we still prefer to do so, instead of having tons of apples rottening in our garden, but surely, they have found the key to success.

There are though furthermore activities concerning the waste of apples. We are aware of this initiative but we haven't had the time to look at it very much...
So far, we are happy somebody is possibly "drinking" our apples somewhere in Skåne...

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