Thursday, July 14, 2011

War of the Ring

Tolkien's fan? Finally a board game that is not heavily influenced by the movies :-)
After a bit disappointing Lord of the Rings Risk, we have tried this game, which, in its collector edition, is just majestic.

When Mattias P described the game and said that the box was in wood and the game 8kg heavy, I needed to see it to believe it!
He then came and took out the game and we were all astonished and exclaimed "woow" in unison.

We didn't fully play the game, we started a bit slow digging into some rules details, but the first taste was quite nice. The battle between evil and good is not as trivial and one requires a good strategy to survive.
Of course, good part of fascination of the game is due to the hand painted figures and the reminiscences from the books (not the movies!!!), but it was quite fun as well to roll the dice, and use the cards for performing new actions.

I look forward to actually see Galadriel in game, considering her funny expression!

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