Monday, January 31, 2011

First baby post

Although I am not sure I have a static number of readers, it is time to announce that me and Mattias (Pico & Romeo, of course, as cat-brothers) are expecting the arrival of a baby girl.
Hence, it is time to "show off" some of the things we got and bought (not all of them) for her.

This is belonging to "my collection", in the sense that I took with me all my old clothes.
They are quite neutral in color (back then there was no ecography) and they are 95% of them all hand made. This is in wool! Not sure what size it is, though!

We bought these items above when we were in Italy for Christmas. SALES!

These are probably the most common items some baby can have, since they are instead from H&M. Mattias especially liked the jeans salopette and I got crazy about the amount of Barbapapa' items.

Still on the Barbapapa' theme we bought those lovely small micro socks! And Pico & Romeo will not be offended thanks to Alessio & Elena who instead gave the cat micro socks to Isabella for Christmas.

This is the first official toy she got! We must thanks Luisa & Paolo (and Fede) for this. Let's see if it will be a shared toy among kids and cats ;-)

My mother made another wonderful creation, which is this beautiful blanket with handmade angels allover it. We really liked it!

As one might notice the colors are tendentially pinkish and if not, they are really soft and creamy. There are few items that have strong colors. We really liked what the shops in Italy sell (and yes, both of us) and we were concerned if we would find something we would like here in Sweden. Luckily, it seems H&M is a good salvation point (actually, we found some decent baby clothes also at Lutz) but when we went into Polarn o Pyret (or whatever its name is - one really common brand for kids clothes here in Sweden) we were horrified (also by the prices).
Let's say that we are not in favor of gender neutral clothes ;-)

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