Sunday, January 30, 2011

Useful for swimming (or better, before and after)

When I was in primary school I was not that passionated in swimming. I remember that I learned to swim one year and the year after I had totally forgotten how to do it.
For different reasons, I ended up at the end of my primary school years going to some swimming classes and I started to enjoy it very much. I went in that same swimming pool for about 5-6 years and then I stopped because I really didn't have the time.
I tried to go back to do it regularly at several point in time after I turned out 20 and when I came to Sweden it became even harder doing it, not only for the time (and the fact that drying properly my hair takes about 10 minutes) but also because I found the swimming pools quite different from the ones I was used to.
Namely, no mandatory usage of slippers (I was observed horrified women going around barefoot and enter the toilets - ewww), no mandatory usage of swim cap (...) and of course, the uninhibited behavior of the people around me was making me quite shock (me that was hardly removing the swimsuit to take the shower...).

Nevertheless, last year I tried to be regular in my swimming attempts and I quite managed to do so, even though I was trying to have my feet or on a towel or on my slippers most of the time.
Luckily, my similarly swim-passionated niece showed me a "trick". I followed her (and my nephew) to swim when I was in Rome visiting them and she and her friends were all equipped with an object I had never seen before (for sure not here in Sweden). It looked something like this one below.

Therefore I asked my sister in law to provide me such object for Christmas and I got it (it is of course the one above!)
Really useful! It is basically like a footboard, to be used when changing, drying the hairs, and so on. It is light and can be folded so it doesn't take too much space.
Finally, my "feet" problems got solved :-)
I know she bought it at some sport shop in Italy, but I have never seen it here. I wonder if I will ever do ;-)


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