Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The first post of 2011

First of all,

Happy New Year!!

Time is flying and another here has already passed. Half a year since I started this blog and I wonder who is really reading it ;-)
Right now, we are enjoying some relax in my hometown, disconnecting a bit from the everyday life. Unfortunately, we have managed to get all sort of bacterias, viruses and whatever, especially during these days, so our plans have changed pretty much and we have just stayed home hoping that things would get better (which they have partially done).

Anyway, Christmas has been generous and I got some small nice things.
Among which I got a beautiful necklace from Kalevala, which is a finnish company that produces handmade jewelry.

My necklace is called Twinflower (which is the common name for Linnea Borealis, the flower symbol of Smaland, one of the Swedish regions. It is in silver and light pink sweet water pearls and can be locked in several ways, becoming more than one simple necklace.


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