Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Buying a pram

As many other parents to be or quite recent parents, we have experienced the nightmare of the pram choice.
There are simply too many possibilities and too many models. It is a jungle and one needs quite some luck in order to get out of there, sane.

We had the opportunity to borrow the complete pram from my brother, but we decided to use it instead as "base" in Italy, giving us the freedom to travel much lighter. At least from here to Italy.
The choice then was narrowed to models that would be possible to find in the Swedish market and we were quite confused on what we wanted for several months, also because, due to the dimensions of our bedroom, what we would have been buying would have been connected to where our baby would sleep (or at least to understand what to buy based on our pram choice).

Initially we were thinking of going for a pram without a carrycot, so that we could buy a moses nest for the sleeping part. However, buying a moses nest here in Sweden seems quite expensive (even though this item in UK is instead quite cheap) and we ended up surfing for prams and finding other models.

The first is a moses basket from Mamas and Papas, while the second is a version (not the nicest colors combination though) of a Teutonia Lambda without carrycot.

What we were after was something that could be a practical city pram (no big wheels both on front and back), with turnable front wheels, not too low (my back could not take diving into the pram to take the baby up), with all sorts of decent functions a pram, these days, should have (adjustable handle, good space on the bottom, compact when folded).

We got slightly interested in a model that seems though really hard to find in Sweden, but we could not find the original producer.
This is a Queenette Cross Fire

Finally, digging out similar models we ended up in a Polish brand, Tako. They have few models in different versions and it seemed to have all the characteristics we wanted.
Included a really nice price, nice dampening (if you see above the Queenette has quite flat tires) for Lund's cobblestones and quite light as well.
So now, we are simply not sure of which color combination we would like to have. But it is matter of hours, since we have decided to go to the shop today!
Will it be this?


Or this one?


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