Friday, October 15, 2010

A special occasion

We have finally reached a big goal in our relationship: 8 years and half together!
Since we have survived each other for such long time, we have rewarded ourselves by going to have dinner at a place where we had dinner before, for our second wedding anniversary.
Back then (just one year ago), the restaurant was called "Vendel at Sturehof" and it was a quite fancy, "fine dining" place.
We actually enjoyed the dinner then very much.
The restaurant itself is very nice, classic style, and we had a really nice service and really interesting food.

The restaurant though has changed "target" and now it is not as fine dining as it was before, although, in our opinion it is still on that kind of level.
It even changed the name, now it is called Sture and instead of having a complicated long dinner of 7 dishes, it is possible to pick up from a la carte, choosing between small and big dishes and a dessert.

We went for the proposed menu (4 dishes), which was quite affordable, considering the price of each singular item.
We ate some vintage matje herring on a bed of potatoes, which was much sweeter than usual.
We were still in the "small" dishes context, when we got a seafood soup with squash pure'. That was really really good.
Already here we were quite happy and we could also enjoy some nice bread in order to clean up properly the plates.
Finally, we had the big piece of the evening: a piece of pork belly which was just really really nice, served with potatoes and some senap sauce. We were basically licking the plates and this is one of Mattias' favorite dishes, actually.
We were slightly disappointed (compared to the rest) with the dessert, some apple pure' with vanilla ice cream, which was "ruined" by some crunchified cinnamon.
Nevertheless, everything was really good and what we could see from the menu is that there is an attempt to use the most trendy words ever: ecological and locally produced, made in a southern swedish way, which was not bad at all.

Thumbs up for this dinner!


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