Monday, October 11, 2010

Golf equipment

So far, I haven't invested in any golf equipment since I have just started playing and since my skills are not that great. Nevertheless, I had the need to buy some shoes.
I know that the season is basically over, but we have still 4 green fee entrances to use in order to fulfill our "greenfee membership" and it means a lot of kilometers.

I didn't want from start to buy something golf specific because its usage would have been rather limited, but we went to Dormy and check out what they had there anyway.
Well, maybe because the season is basically over the prices were good, but the choice was extremely limited, and the sizes available even less. I didn't manage to find anything, but that was not too bad, since I thought that buy some other kind of training shoes would have worked anyway and I could then use them for something else as well.

We went then to Stadium and they had a good choice of walking shoes. At the end, 18 holes is about 6-7 km, which means a lot of walking. And my back could not take anymore my 10€-shoes for all those meters.
There were also good prices and I managed to find two models that I liked.
At the end I came back home with these:

The model is "Reebok Walk XC GTX3", not exactly elegant like a golf shoe, a bit big and probably the black will be hard to make it look nice in a golf setting, but well, they seemed comfortable, they are in Goretex and hopefully, they will help out my back to tolerate all that walking :-)

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