Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cthulhu is calling!

We are not happy to play a game against a big squid and some other fancy monster just on a board game, we want also to do a role playing game about it.
Well, we have got involved into a group of people that have (impressively semi professionally!) played such RPG for some years now.
We have met just once but that was a good occasion to get an idea of the atmosphere, rules and mechanics of the games and also for starting to give some sort of personality to our characters.
We play a version based on the5th edition of the RPG:

Then the problem is of course, what kind of character one must have. And since sparkling silverish elves are not in the setting, I was in trouble more than ever.
I don't know how it started, but it turned out that I have created a character, whose name is Jennifer Lopez (!) who is mainly a revolutionary, who has though studied some chemistry there and then. We are in 1920s and the Mexican revolution happened during 1910s.
Coming from Mexico, suspicious and quite pretty and smart (and rich), Jennifer lacks though any sort of feminine touch to her personality, but it is quite clever and always trying to make the most out of a situation.
Maybe she would look like this?
Let's see how she will turn out to be...!

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