Saturday, May 3, 2014

Bearers of the Black Staff, by Terry Brooks

Bearers of the Black Staff (Legends of Shannara, #1)Bearers of the Black Staff by Terry Brooks
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

If I wouldn't have been reading previous Terry Brooks' books, I would be very confused when reading this one. It would have been even worse if I would have skipped the trilogy that came just before this. The story takes place 500 years after that and it is mainly an introduction to the action, which hopefully will occur in the second book of the Legends of Shannara.
The plot is not that different from the one of any Shannara related book, so it lacks some original element that would make it more interesting.
I miss also strong and lively characters: these ones seem to be some shaded copy or mix of already known Shannara characters.
What I did mind the most, though, has been the lack of charm and atmosphere, which has made at least the first Shannara books a success.
Ok, this is supposed to be a story leading to that world, but so far it looks like it is a repetition with trivial and predictable elements.

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