Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Measure of the Magic, by Terry Brooks

The Measure of the Magic (Legends of Shannara, #2)The Measure of the Magic by Terry Brooks
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the necessary chapter that concludes the chapter of the "Legends of Shannara". It is interesting that the word Shannara is used to define the saga, when nothing explicit is said about it, so it is a bit unclear which is the connection with that - it is surely clear that this is a sequel to the last trilogy, where the worl is on the verge of being devastated by humanity and not only.
Finally, after a book of preparation, there is some action and some magic. Finally, some of the elements that constitute a red thread for the Shannara stories are appearing and marking the territory (Silver River King, for example).
The characters are now all of a sudden developing, forced by the circumstances to mature and take risks. But I do still find them weak and possibly forged based on similar characters of the same saga. I can't recall exactly who they are reminding me of, but they are not bringing any tone of originality in a story that is already lacking that characteristic.
It is then obvious that this part of the story has been written just as a link between the apocalypse and the Shannara fantasy starting setting and it is a pity, since it could have been used for bringing light into the genesis of that world.

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