Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Torup Skogens Dag 2013 (The day of the woods of Torup)

This year September has been a very mild month, full of sunny and warm days. We decided to take advantage of this beautiful weather and do some outdoor activities, among which "participate" in Skogens Dag in Torup with some friends. Not that it was that warm when we went there... it even started to rain!
If our kids would have been a bit older, this would have been even better than we experienced!

Torup is a place not too far from Malmö; a beautiful castle, its park, the stables and a beech woods can be found there. I think a lot of people from Malmö take the occasion to visit the woods for a nice walk and for picking up mushroom. There is also a recreational area, with a part devoted to kids.

During this event, one walks around a specific path and have the opportunity to visit different stands. Most of them are informative about activities related to the woods, handled by different organization, and most of them offers also snacks.
The sun is shining through the trees
During the day there are some events that are planned for kids, for example an outdoor theater or some "troubadour" playing his guitar and entertaining everyone. A troll named Smulan could be also seen wandering through the trees...

One of the different stands
One of the stands was from the ornithological group and they were having not only birdhouses, but also...stuffed birds! Not exactly what I was looking for.... :-)
It is tempting with a fire when the day is a bit chilly!
Another stand, which interested Mattias very much, was about mushrooms. You can all imagine how bored I was ;-)
But for us, most of the walk was devoted to find something to eat (surprise, surprise!) and we ended up trying almost all the food from the different stands.
The theater
In one bigger area, few stands were collected and it was possible to grill one own hot dog and bread and we spent definitely a lot of time doing that! Especially the bread (not the one specific for hot dogs, the "bread stick" ) was very interesting.
Grilling hot dog and bread
Taking this walk, although the weather was not perfect (and we didn't have the right clothes for such an activity) was very nice and I hope we will take the occasion to experience Bokskogen and the area around Torup more often, although we have our own little "woods" to take care of...
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