Sunday, September 22, 2013

Gamla Brogatan, Malmö

About one month ago, it was our sixth wedding anniversary. We had big plans for the day but we ended up changing them all, since we were tired and Isabella's rythm, like usual during the weekend, was a bit messed up.
After a lot of replanning, we decided that go and take an ice cream at Dolce Sicilia, stroll a bit around Malmö and a dinner out (which is something so uncommon these days) was good enough.
The problem was searching a new place where to eat and we picked Gamla Brogatan from the list of unexplored places. Also, it was Sunday and where we really wanted to go was closed...
I had been in the restaurant before, other three times, while for Mattias it was a brand new experience. However, the times I have been there the menu was definitely different.

The restaurant is quite cosy and has a very calm and old fashioned atmosphere. One has also to think that we were there when noone else dares to eat dinner ;-)
We got to choose our food form a decently long menu with different choices, mainly meat based (especially for the main dish).
The choice for fish or vegetarian food is a bit restricted, but still existing!

As for appetizer, I choose a soup. I was quite stuffed from the ice cream and didn't feel like stuffing myself even more.
The soup was of leak and potatoes and enriched with 200 kgs of parsley.
If we think of the 70s touch of the parsley, the soup was quite ok, not exactly creamy but more on the "minestrone" style.
The soup
As main dish, I was having a bit hard time finding something that was of my taste. If there was something I liked, there might have been that the side dish was something I would have not approved. So, the choice ended up on being a dish with rabbit, which I thought was quite unconventional in a quite classic Swedish style menu.
The rabbit
Three things didn't convince me of my main dish. Again, a big fist of parsley spread allover the dish (the chef must have had a special feeling for it), the fact that some pieces of meat tasted old and finally, that the dish was a bit too much "autumn-winter" style and I would have not expected it to eat in that format in the end of the summer.

If we think about the service, everything was ok, but I didn't appreciate that we couldn't have a bottle of water on the table. Every time we were thirsty, not having taken anything else to drink, we had to look the waiter with "puppy-eyes", hoping he would noticed us.

The evening was quite ok, but the dinner was not memorable. I think Mattias was luckier in his choice, but mushrooms and sauerkraut were not what I was looking for... :-)
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