Friday, May 3, 2013

Welcome to a 2-years old birthday party!

Since, clearly, I didn't have enough on the hands to play with, I decided to complicate my life experimenting for the first time with scrapbooking by doing Isabella's two years old birthday party invitations.
This was a stroke of genius because it made us send the invitations even later than we thought (but at the end, it didn't really matter because everyone could come to the party!)

First of all, I collected a good bunch of new and old material I had at home and then, based on some sort of concept I had in mind, I tried to play around with the tools and the little skills I have.
Decorated paper and heart shaped punch
Satin ribbon and adhesive lace

Butterflies from Karen-Marie Klip
Flower decorations, adhesive pads for attaching them and small adhesive stones
Paper Pad. 
The main problem was that the ribbon was not in colors that matched neither the paper nor the other decorations, but maybe it turned out a bit as a constrast with everything else. I am not sure.
Maybe the layout was very simple, but afterall, it was my first attempt and it had to be reasonably easy. There were already a lot of elements.
I cut the paper with some pattern scissor and glued it to the cards. Over that I applied two flowers, one of each color, with the stone as pistil and the butterflies.
Finally, I placed the ribbon over the composition, hoping for the best.
Inside, I did something that is almost my trademark (I used it for the thanking cards for our wedding): some pink hearts spread a bit everywhere...

Little pink hearts
And finally, this was the result of one of the cards (I did 10 completely different cards...!)

The only thing that became very strange was the invitation text. I delegated the task to Mattias and the text turned out to be a PhD thesis .... :)
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