Sunday, May 26, 2013

Vapiano (e va lontano ;-D)

Few months back, if not one year ago, a friend of mine and I went for a dinner out. She likes good food and she had earlier discovered this food chain, Vapiano.
I took a pizza then and I was very confused at the whole system, but they were cooking fresh pasta on the spot and you could customize a lot the dish you were ordering. The pizza was alright, but I think the pasta is what is really intriguing there.

Vapiano is a German chain that extends on several continents. I think that the concept is brilliant: it is basically a fast food, with slow food, where quality and care has an high value.
I was very fascinated by the concept, since it is almost like a self service where one can observe its own food being prepared in front of his own eyes.
However, the kind of food is definitely of a more sophisticated restaurant.
Then, I managed to introduce the concept to Mattias and we managed to explore the pasta options twice.

Last occasion, we had the opportunity to taste three kind of pastas:
Conchiglie with a spring sauce based on sparris, Pasta Royale, for Mattias

Fusilli with ragu' for Isabella

Fusilli with tomato and mozzarella, for me, with a lovely pinch of chili
Pasta Royale was one of the specials of the season. It was delicate and tasty and I really enjoyed it (pity I didn't take it!). Me and Isabella instead enjoyed two classics which were both worthy to be eaten with a big appetite.
Of course, one portion and a little bit more of pasta is quite much and we were indeed all full and satisfied after our meal. Still, it is a little bit pricy but possibly, considering the quality of the ingredients and the comparison with other "pasta restaurants" this is way better.

If one is aiming at casual dinners and lunches in a very cosy atmosphere and with excellent food this is the right place to go. Pity there is not yet anything in Lund and one has to go to Malmö to have such a nice experience. The menu is rich and I would gladly expand my knowledge of it!

Hope this successful concept will bring similar experiments on the way! We really need this :) (especially in Sweden ;-D)
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