Sunday, May 5, 2013

Paolo's Restaurang, Elite Hotel Ideon

I have always struggled to get a decent lunch when working: the options until few months ago were scarce and the quality was not up to my standard.
Luckily, Ideon Gateway appeared on the horizon and with it three new restaurants bloomed. Two are located at the skyscraper, while another one is in another building of the Ideon area.

One of the two restaurants at the Gateway is an italian restaurant, Paolo's.
This has been a big relief for me: finally, I can eat a proper pasta for lunch without having to go downtown or to bring food with me (or to go home).

The environment is cosy, but not especially elegant, a lot of italian products are on display but the main focus is of course the lunch menu.
Lasagne are on the menu every day, but I have not tried them so far (ok, I have tasted them), but the main focus swifts between three choices of pizza and three of pasta sauces.
The lasagne
I have tried different pizza and I have been always very satisfied by my choice. the pizza is crunch, tasty and the only problem I can see with it is that the slices are too small (both for the prize and for my stomach). It is not the size of a regular pizza, but it costs as a pizza costs almost as in some other restaurant in Lund (Italian one, of course).

The pastas have been instead filling the belly pretty well. However, the quality has been a bit inconsistent. From, not very tasty to superbe, with the average issue of being too liquid and not well blended with the pasta itself. That depends also, in my opinion, by the choice of pasta time. You can't do a carbonara with rigatoni! Or better, you can do it, but if you are doing the "cream-based" version you can't have a juicy sauce!
The best pasta sauce, despite my critics above, was the carbonara with salsiccia. Possibly, that depended a lot on the fact that the salsiccia was amazing!

Anyway, I am grateful that such an alternative exists, it has saved my lunches and it has become a very recurrent location for eating with my colleagues or Mattias!
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