Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kiss & Never Cry, by Yaoi Ogawa

Kiss & Never Cry Vol.11Kiss & Never Cry Vol.11 by Yayoi Ogawa
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this story and I really like the way Yayoi Ogawa depicted it.
The characters are just great, intense and full of imperfections, but still able to change and grow and admitting their failures.
Choosing figure skating as the sport-theme of the shojo is brave, since it is not one of the most practised sports and it is very technical, but it also offers an interesting background and it is a fascinating sport, beautiful to watch.
Said this, I was a bit bored once the main "mistery" had been solved after 5-6 numbers. The last numbers (with the exception of number 10 and 11) felt more like a way to stretch the story and were a bit too repetitive. Number 10 was of course very pleasant to read since finally a lot of elements were getting concluded and if the story was originally ending there, the last volume gave a chance to put a clear "end", without lose threads.
Interesting also with the connection with the most known Ogawa's work, Kimi Wa Pet: it was nice to see some character here as well!

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