Monday, March 19, 2012

Restaurant Les Halles, Saluhallen, Lund

It is since February that they have opened the new Saluhallen (market hall) in Lund. In reality, the old part of the building is still under "construction" and still, some new places are not yet opened.

One of the new names that can be found next to the ones that already existed in the old Saluhallen-days is the Restaurant Les Halles. It has a very great position, being the first place that one sees when entering the building from the new entrance. It is elegant and cosy and sophisticated at the same time. And incredibly popular, so much that there were rumours stating that it was necessary to book lunch as well (and that is not true).

We managed to squeeze ourselves in (with stroller and Isabella) few weeks ago, for lunch. The menu is obviously french style and while waiting for our food to be served, we enjoyed some very nice bread and the usual salad (sorry, Swedes, I don't like this tradition!).

I took a soup (as often ;-) ) which was having a salmon tartare, and A (!!!) single clam. It was supposed to be a clam soup. It tasted quite fine, but it was slightly blend (I think there was a too strong "background taste" of the fish fond that had been used to make the soup) and it was a pity it was not that "meaty". The salmon was just smoked salmon (or tasted as such) and I was hoping for some nice fresher piece.
Mattias, instead, took the "dish of the day" which was a plate of ribs and potatoes pure'. I tasted the potato part of the dish and it tasted pretty good, according to Mattias the ribs were nice but nothing revolutionary on the culinary world.

The best part of the meal was the dessert: we took a chocolate pie which was delicious and served in a very original way: in a glass bell (making it a bit harder to share the cake... :-P)

The main problem: we were quite hungry (strangely enough?) after this lunch and, considering the price (a bit higher than the "average") we would have expected a bit more tasty food, although it was quite classy.
Let's hope though that the quality will continue to be decently high and not "degenerate" as often happens after a place has been opened for a little while.

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