Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Our savior: IRobot Roomba!

Every spring (more than any other period of the year) we live in a nightmare: cat hair clouds shaping in front of us with the speed of light!
This can be stopped (or at least reduced) with an extreme frequent combing of both Pico and Romeo, which is time taking (...), not always pleasant (you get a cat-fur for free on you) and they are not always very cooperative.

This year, though, we have decided to change our lifestyle and make a "long term" investment in a vacuum cleaner robot, after hearing a couple of friends of ours doing such purchase and being happy about it.
We have discussed for years to buy something like this! It was about time to actually make such plan concrete. After evaluating the different models on the market, we decided to go for an IRobot Roomba 564 Pet, which has some extra feature to be pet friendly and hair collector.

After charging it, we were eager to try it and it was enough to press a little button to start the "magic"! The cats and Isabella have been reasonably terrified the first week, while now they are getting used to the device (Isabella enjoys putting objects on it) and although the instructions are for the general robot and not the specific one, and some functions are a bit mysterious (but can be investigated on the internet), we have observed it in action.

The result is great! Making it start every day guarantees a decently clean apartment. Corners and "hidden places" can't be reached, but our cleaning is sensibly faster and the floor looks generally clean, considering that before we were drowning in cat sand/cat hair/bread crumbs which needed to be removed very fast and very frequently.
We don't have to remove objects from the floor: it usually pushes them around, if in the way and if it gets stuck (which happens very seldom), one has just to "get afloat" the robot.
It communicates quite clearly when the brushes need to be cleaned, and that happens not as frequently as I was afraid. Doing that operation is also very comfortable since there are two specific tools included that are very helpful for cleaning the brushes.

It is a bit noisy, but it is not that loud that one get disturbed and I feel safe to let it go when I am not home, since, most of the times, it reaches its dock station when the batteries are exhausted and it is built in such a way that it won't harm pets.

Our robot has also some scheduling function, virtual walls, which we haven't tried yet,  and can be enhanced with others accessories (and I don't think we will do such an investment).

It is now a couple of weeks that we have it and I can say that we are surely satisfied of the purchase (although it was not a very cheap product) and we feel relieved from a lot of daily cleaning, which was hard to cope with.
A lot of people give names to their little robot, but we haven't yet come up with one for it? Has anyone a good suggestion? :)
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