Monday, March 12, 2012

M.E.A.T. by "night"

Few posts back, I talked about the (then it was new) restaurant M.E.A.T., which is located in Lund.
For Valentine day, we managed to go there for dinner. So, the experience is worthy to be mentioned, although, unfortunately, I left the camera home ;-/

The staff was very nice the whole evening, and this was a nice treatment for us, considering that we were having Isabella around (and hence, we probably destroyed the dinner for a couple of customers more).

Mattias went for the evening menu of that day, while I picked up a couple of dishes from the standard one. In reality, Mattias' selection was from the standard menu as well, but at a lower price.
We both took the crabcakes for pre-dish. They were nicely done, tasty and not too heavy.
While I took the Beef Ribs as main dish, Mattias ate the filet. My rib dish was quite good, the meat was tasty and coming easily out of the bone. However, it was literally drown in the caramelized onion it was served with. It was a nice component of the dish, but covered too much the taste of the meat and was too heavy. The french fries were great and the salad was nice, but hard to eat (I have very hard issues eating crass since it is not chomped into small pieces and I feel like a cow when ruminating it :-)
Mattias' dish was nice and what I tasted was good. There were mushrooms so I did right in avoiding the dish.
Both dishes were cutely served on a plate of wood and the french fries in a small glass. Quite scenic, but a bit unpractical when the table is not exactly big and you have to avoid that your daughter take some cutlery and throw it around in the restaurant :)
We completed the dinner splitting a very nice apple pie, which almost had the "grandma'" feeling in it (I was though more in cheesecake mode that day, pity it was an apple pie day ;D).

This time we were not left hungry and I can say that the quality of the food was very good. I was a bit disappointed at my dish, being too rich in flavour for my tastes, but I like the atmosphere of the place and the menu choice. We will surely go back there and try some other nice dish!

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