Sunday, February 12, 2012

Evighetsträd (eternity tree)

The other day, I was walking nearby when my attention got taken by a little plate on a tree.
I looked closer and I saw that there was written "Evighetsträd". I was puzzled.

Evighetsträd #9

Evighetsträd #498
I did a small search about this and I found an interesting link:Naturskyddsföreningen i Skåne. Here there is written what is this concept: basically, from what I have understood, this organization tried to preserve middle-aged or old trees that can be found around Skåne.

However, from the sign this seems to be an initiative of Lunds Kommun. They have decided to mark those trees that are supposed to live as long as they can, and once dead, the tree is left as habitat for other organisms (mushrooms, insects, etc.).

A terrible picture of the tree.

The tree in all its height
The tree is one of the 500 trees that have been selected and marked during the 2002-2004 timeframe.
It seems then clear that the two organizations are not connected to each other, although the concept is very similar and probably one is inspired by the other one. 
In all the years that I ahve been living in Sweden this is the first time I met one! I wonder if we will ever seen all the others (there is a map in the link above, but one has to guess where the trees really are, anyway...)

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