Friday, February 24, 2012

A bit of Lund history: Hardebergaspåret/The track of Hardeberga

Few weeks ago, when it was snowing at its best (or better afterwards), we went out for a walk.
Walking (or taking the bike) here is always very comfortable since there are good paths for such purpose and in particular, we are lucky to live nearby a big track that crosses east Lund and continue towards Södra Sandby, when it ends, today.
Such track is called "Harderbergaspåret".
Our winter walk on Hardebergaspåret

The history behind this track can be found on Wikipedia, but unfortunately it is available just in Swedish.
Not everyone living in Lund knows that until 1966, a railway track was there, instead of the bycicle path. That was the rests of the line Bjärred - Lund -Revinge- Harlösa, that was active in the beginning of the 19th century (however, still kept in used until 1966 for transporation of stones and beats.
In the new neighbourhood, called Harlösabanan
At that time there were more stations in Lund. Lund Södra still exists but it is used for other purposes and it is still located on the track.
Lund Södra

  Lund Östra was located where we are living today, therefore, nearby Villa Sunna and St. Jörgens Park, but it was demolished 1949.

Nearby Lund Östra

The track was passing "behind" Stadsparken for then continuing north towards Bjärred, with an additional stop called Högevall. Högevall is part of the rests of the medieval wall in Lund, which is crossing the park.

If one is more curious about details of this undocumented piece of history (it would be nice to just see some sign about it there and then on the track) I think the best link to explore is this one.

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  1. Yes, it's truly interesting with the old track and the remaining station Lund Södra. Now I'm eagerly waiting for your blog on the old track between Lund and Staffanstorp (LLTJ?)! :) A small part of it leads to Tetra Pak.


  2. Is it a challenge with the Landskrona - Lund - Trelleborg line? :)

  3. Well, I'd like to know more in detail where it went (southeast of Lund) and if there are other traces of it still remaining somewhere. Now you have something to do! :P

  4. Alright, let's hope for better weather so I can take semi decent pictures at least :)


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