Sunday, September 4, 2011

Losanna, or better, Lausanne

Let's go back in time! During our holidays we managed also to squeeze a visit to Lausanne. That happened while we were in the Alps, since from where we were, it was "close". Just two hours of road, a tunnel (Grant St Bernard) and a sticker on the car that hopefully somebody else would benefit for the next year...

We drove through the mountains and then the lake opened up in front of us, and there, in front, on the other side, there was our target. Our main target was to go to a restaurant there - I will talk about it in another moment - but we also decided to take the chance to take a visit to the town.
Pity it was Sunday, so the center was dead, hence, we went down to the lake and took a quick walk along it.

It was a short walk, but quite nice. We enjoyed the atmosphere and the funny sign in the underground parking: for women! Some parking spots were reserved for women...:-)
How could they make a statement that Switzerland is boring? They have at least some sort of sense of humor (here in Sweden, something like that would be crucified thanks to the feminist movement...)
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