Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Despite us being "newbie" parents, it seems we manage to go around pretty much. There must be something wrong, for sure!

Nevertheless, this is about the restaurant we went to, to conclude our anniversary "celebration". Let's say that this time, we could feel that we had a baby, since Isabella was very tired but could not fall asleep hence she was crying and whining a bit too much. Despite her concert, we got the compliments of some old dude for "daring to go out with a baby, differently from the average Swede".

We googled a bit for places where to go, on our way back from Karlskrona and we decided to stop in Kristianstad. The place we chose is called (if you haven't understood it yet) Bar-B-Ko and it serves mainly grilled meat.
We thought the menu was very interesting and indeed, it was. It seems the place is also quite "popular" among other VIPs (except us, that is), since when visiting the newly-robbed toilet we could admire pictures of one of the members of The Cardigans visiting the place (and probably the toilet as well).

I took some short ribs and Mattias took lamb racks. Differently from usual, we chose just one dish and we did right since the portions were Arianna-Mattias' size and it was even more than enough.
When you pick up your main dish, you can decide how you want it accessorized. You could choose what kind of potatoes should follow and sauces as well, even the butter taste!
That was probably a tiny bit too much for our more mediterrean mouths (yes, also Mattias, nowadays), a bit too many sauces/butters7things with the meat, which was very well cooked, tender, juicy and tasty and didn't need anything more over!

The place was cosy and the personal nice, despite our constant whining baby, we ate in turns but we enjoyed the food very much.
You can see this from the expression in my face... clearly!

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