Tuesday, April 5, 2011

From a disappointment, to a little success

Unfortunately, the item we purchased from internet as support for our carrycot was not what we expected. It arrived after 2 weeks and yes, we could have survived with that if the item would have been working. However, it was really instable after Mattias spent a whole evening attempting to mount it and furthermore, the carrycot didn't fit as we wished in it! That is because we were mislead by the information on the website: min and max dimensions! That was not stating which were the minimum or maximum dimensions for the carrycot that would fit there, but the size of the smallest and widest part of the carrycot. Of course, we could have been maybe do some fix to make it work, but since it was instable in itself (due to some strange way the construction was build) we have asked to get a refund from the website where we purchased the item. We are still dealing with that, since it seems that, despite the refund policy written on their website, they are trying to push us to get some replacement for the current item.

Nevertheless, we decided to not care any longer about the price of such items in Sweden and instead go to a nearby shop (Barnliv) with the carrycot and take our chances. Well, we were definitely successful this time!
When we saw the support with thought it would have been too small and we were just crazy thinking it would fit there, but then we tried and it was working like a charm.

Here the result:


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