Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring released

The temperature has finally raised and some ray of sun has started to show up. This means that it is time to take care of the plants and see what has survived the winter (especially this long and very cold one). I was actually not very positive about certain plants, since I managed to kill my beautiful pelargonium that survived until the middle of November, but you never know what will come up!

This is what survived of my pelargonium. We will see if it will manage to come up again. The strange thing is that the plant it was coming had a different leaf type.
I don't know yet the name of this (I should investigate) but this plant has been resurrected in the past years after a Pico's operation. Now it is blooming wildly!

The St. Paulia is blooming again!!!!!! 

Kalanchoes is the plant for which I should open a shop. I don't know how many small plants I could create from mine! They grow very fast and I manage to make some blooming very much also. This is an example!

This has been a bad year for my orchids. Of five I had, 3 and half survived. This is the one that is in the best shape and I treat all of them in the same way. I think it is a lot the position and the vase type.

My hortensia has survived yet another year and it is coming up again already!

I have saved some hyacint from Christmas and plant them back and I have cleaned up the asters from last autumn and found out their roots were very fine and some small plants are coming up again!
This year I have started to plant some cat grass. I hope Romeo and Pico will like it :) I haven't yet plant herbs or new plants for us. I should buy something in these days, but the greyness of the sky is not that inviting for stay out in the balcony and freeze to death while planting.

And this is the first year one of the clivia is blooming. Really beautiful flowers!

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