Monday, February 7, 2011

Where to change a baby...

Or where to wash her!
That is: how to avoid to have 200 pieces of furniture floating around in your already tiny and squeezed apartment?

Well, I really didn't want to buy that many additional objects for all of this, so my initial proposition was to reuse an Ikea Malm drawer, put on top a changing mattress and be happy like that. Then, the thought that it was just big enough for the mattress, that I would have to fight with the wall and that I would have to carry around water and so on in the bedroom made me change my mind. When I saw our old changer that my mother still use for all the babies of the next generation, I realized maybe having something more "comfy" wouldn't have hurt that much, since it was just one piece of furniture and not 300.

We first saw this:
which can be found in Babyringen in Malmö, which was cheap and practical. However, we thought it was a bit "too plastic" and slightly instable for our taste.
We then jumped directly into an offer for this item, instead:
and we went to the shop, but thanks to the really nice price, the item was sold out. We are now waiting that they will bring it back in stock (and that we get the time to go there again). We would like to have it white and not natural wood, since it will be better in our bathroom.
In this way, we will gain a drawer that can be used also later on, since both the changing table and the bath part can be removed and just covered with a wooden surface.

Another item for the baby! Check!

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