Monday, September 5, 2016


This summer me, Isabella and two friends of ours, decided to take a girl-power excursion and have a little trip nearby. One of the purposes was also to visit a shop (Frid och Fröjd) which is a bit "luxury" second hand shop, that I had put an eye on by looking at its Instagram pictures.

As that was the last thing we did during the day, we spent most of the day instead at Bosjökloster.
The place has inspired me for many years, but we have never got the chance to actually go there.
The castle/monastery and the church are located on a little peninsula, that not so long ago, was actually a little island in the middle of the nearby lake (Ringsjö).
The church can be visited freely, while the garden and the castle (which once upon the time was a monastery) wants a fee.

The parts that can be visited of the castle are what once was possibly the refectory, which is now full with details about which families have been living there, and some interesting information about the nunnery.
The church is simple, but soberly decored and when one is visiting it, can listen to a recording that explain the story of the place.
A very beautiful kakelugn
On the other wing, one can visit several rooms and admire the staircase that, full of enormous portraits of his old inhabitants, brings to the private parts of the castle.

One of the entrances to the castle
Everything is quite well preserved and the view from the rooms, down the lake, is very pitoresque. It is definetely not a coincidence that somebody thought of building a nice palace (nunnery? ;)) here.
In the court
The garden/park is of course also huge and divided in different areas. Sadly, the weather was not at its top the day we decided to pay a visit, but nevertheless, we managed to look around quite much.
Beautiful red dahlias
The playground was a must that we didn't manage to skip.
After that, we ate at the cafe', which was having a quite disappointing menu (just some quite expensive sandwhiches and very limited kids alternatives). 
There are different activities offered for the kids, though. From a funicular railway (which we skipped), to some minor boat activity (if I don't remember wrong), to, finally, walking in a majestic park where there are few animals.
The first animals are quite cute goats that run around in a fenced area. 
At the end of the area there is one of the most beautiful tree I have seen (which sadly I forgot to photograph without the kids inside). The oak tree I am talking about is about 1000 years old and it is just majestic. 

Finally, there are few animals more that one can meet.
Horses. Well. Mini tiny small horses that gets easily annoyed (and kicked infact Isabella) 
The horses and their friends
But the most surprising ones to meet where the llama, who had the most extraordinary funny faces (and haircut) ever.
I wonder though why on earth are they staying there! This is not South America ;-)
Hi there! We are very cool!
Assuming you manage to find a sunny day during a summer in Skåne, the place is worth a visit. I would just bring my own food next time, while instead of relying on their cafe' (I have heard though that the nearby golf club has a more decent restaurant, so maybe one can use that for satisfying the hunger). 
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