Monday, August 29, 2016


During the past months, I have spent a lot of energy trying to find the time to update the blog.
I have surely small and uninteresting things that I would like to pester everyone with by sharing them through the blog, and although I have been taking notes of what I want to talk about, I have barely managed to prioritize finding the time for this.
The result is that some stuff got obsolete and some "classical" posts have not happened (the one about Isabella's birthday for example).
Said this, it seems though that everyone survived just fine...

On top of this desolation of posts, I have also noticed that most of the older posts, which were enriched by wonderful pictures, have lost the appealing side (the pictures, that is), since they were on some free online service and it seems that doesn't work anymore.
Well, if anyone gets the urge to actually be curious what certain things were or not, I have of course all the pictures (I hope) so in that case, I would try to fix the post, otherwise, I hope posterity will forgive me for my lazyness.

During the last months, apart some house improvements, which has brought also, together with the piano, boxes full of manga, books and university material (wow, I was keeping my notebooks in such order), a wave of nostalgia, especially "musically" wise.
Nevertheless, when going back to Italy for the summer holidays, I checked for more find from the prehistoric age and got some nice hits.

Anime from the 80s
Although our kids are not exposed to the same quantity of anime that I have watched (both because we are a bit stricter with the TV than my parents and because we have to go through youtube for watching them), I am trying to gently push down the culture I have been growing up with. 
Finding these two books was great. "Il pianolibro" was a cute book with small extract of the anime opening titles in simplified piano score format. There was also a little keyboard that could have been used to play pedagogically the songs. Unfortunately, that got broken very quickly.
Since now the kids are watching Captain Tsubasa (Holly e Benji) - finally, by the way - they like me to play that quite much.
The other book, Memole has also the opening title piano score on the back and Isabella loved the story. I hope to find the cartoon online sometime. 
Mermista, She-ra Princess of Power and Angella
After visiting a friend of mine, who had a fantastic book about the Masters of Universe, I ended up searching my She-ra dolls, where She-ra was the sister of He-man. If you don't know who they are, or you are too old, or you are too young, in either case, I recommend to study a bit on Google :-)
The dolls became very popular with Isabella, so I was forced to bring them to Sweden. 
Sadly, Angella's wings have been broken almost from the very beginning and now the shields and the sword are quite brittle and break every two seconds....

These were the 90s instead
Finally, I have found also the piano scores of one of Take That's albums (I would have preferred though to have "Everything changes"). Luckily, I was so cheap that I just went and did photocopies of the piano score. Not funny to play those songs when you don't have a boy band....
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