Monday, August 3, 2015

Stradnära EKO-cafe', a little pearl in Öland

Few weeks ago we took our summer trip to Kalmar. We decided to take also a little tour to Öland to do something different and show something to the kids.
Of course, both kids fell asleep as we were driving so we didn't manage to do any sightseeing, but we were counting and somewhat hoping on that.
We had two hungry kids (and we were ourselves very hungry) searching for a cosy place that would serve some food and not just pastries or small sandwiches while we were on our little road trip.
After some disappointing search (which included a stop to Capellagården because Mattias was having some vague memory they had some form of cafe' there), we finally ended up at Strandnära Kafe', just out of luck.
The place is also an hostel and a B&B.
Historical notes about the place

More history
The place in itself is very cosy and old style which was very welcoming. The interior of the cafe' is in shabby chic style and there is an high care for details. Old pictures are placed on the wall to tell the story of the place and, if we would have been having a little bit more time, we would have probably been reading everything properly.
Cosy interior

Nice to sit inside, as well as outside

The cafe' is also a small shop focusing on organic products, as the food they sell. This was for us very interesting and it locked of course our attention. Not that we bought anything in the shop, but the fact that the food was having this footprint was of course pleasant. If I remember right, it was also steering mostly towards vegetarian food as well . There should be tons of places like this especially in Öland!

The shop
We took a portion of pancakes for the kids and there was a nice soup for us.
The presentation was great and the food tasted amazing. Our daughter was very satisfied of her meal (infact, she took portion of her brother's as well).
The only bad note was that the price was a bit high and the portion (considering that it was a soup) not that big, which for us that love food, was a bit of a disappointment, since we were hungry afterwards.

Anyway, I loved the concept and the care that the owners have put in trying to make the customer comfortable.
We were very lucky in finding such a place and I guess that with a little bit of search we would have maybe found something similar somewhere else.
But it was very hard to find some proper lunch place open for us (and yes, lunch is not about taking a couple of buns or some dry sandwhich with an overrated coffee, I will keep stressing this concept) and I would just wish there would be more places like that in Öland. 
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