Saturday, May 16, 2015

Årstiderna i Kocksa Huset

One of Mattias' 40 years old presents was a Smartbox restaurant visit. By that time Oscar was one month old and we thought that there would have been maybe a better time to enjoy a nice dinner later on.
Unfortunately, it is not that with age Oscar has gained wiseness - although Isabella did, so stressed by the expiration date, we chose the perfect phase for a toddler: "I have just started to walk and I need to explore the world. Especially the stairs, if any".

We did have to choose a restaurant not too far off, so that we would not be too late home with two tired kids and starting our mission at 17:30 we counted on not disturbing too many other customers.

Mattias' restaurant choice was Årstiderna I Kocksa Huset, a quite well known restaurant in Malmö which is situated in the basement of Jörgen Kocks Gård. The atmosphere is elegant and possibly, we were quite some white flies in the common customers there. Despite the kids being allover the place from the very beginning, the staff was very hearty but a bit detached .

Our menu was prefixated by the Smartbox option but we could choose between a fish or a meat main dish and we took one of each in order to taste both options.
As pre-appetizer we got a nice shrimp sallad which was served in fancy spoons. It was very pleasant and luckily, nothing suitable for the kids, so we had double portion of it.
Shrimp sallad on a spoon
 The appetizer didn't wait too long to arrive, and it was followed by two Wallenbergare (a sort of fancy big meatball/hamburger) for the kids which we also got the chance to ate in good quantity.
For us, instead, there was "Lobster and scallop with cream of root vegetable and lobster's foam".
The scallop was sublime, the lobster was indeed just a piece of a claw and it didn't impress me that much. Same destiny for the lobster's foam which, although tasty, had a strong not-genuine-stock taste (but I can be easily wrong on this).
A too bright picture for the appetizer
 The two main dishes took a bit long to arrive at our table and we were started all to become a bit restless. Oscar decided that he couldn't sit anylonger and hence, one of us, in turns, had to accompany him in the building exploration.
My fish was served with risotto (Why!?!? Oh, why!?!??! Risotto is NOT to be served with a second dish!). The risotto per se' tasted (again) of the not-genuine-stock which I am not very fond of...
The fish was ok, but nothing that gave me any unforgettable memories, in fact, I don't even remember if it was a monkfish or what....
The fish
 Instead, Mattias was more lucky and his reindeer's fillet baked with herbs and served with mushroom ragu and black currants sauce was the star of the evening. I was very glad that Oscar took Mattias away, so that I could enjoy this delicious dish in peace!
The reindeer's fillet

Unfortunately, the kids started to become very tired and therefore unmanageable by the dessert, which was slowly served (the restaurant started to get crowded). Luckily, the dessert was a delicious composition of buckthorn icecream, chocolate mousse and creme brulee' so that the kids could be quiet and still for those few minutes we needed to finish, pay the most expensive water in the world (60 kr for sparkling tap water? You are fancy, yes, but you must be kidding, right?), dress the brigade and leave...

I guess one day we will come back and we will be more part of the crowd. Elegant (?) white haired ladies and gentlemen...
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